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All historians, of course, operate in and through ideology; Gaddis, however, has been unusual in foregrounding the ideological nature of his works.

The main street which is roughly a mile long, has changed little in 100 years, and our forefathers would probably still recognise it. The castle was built as a fortress during the early 1400s by the 7th Earl of Desmond.

Where the traditional treatment of Black mothers both on the African continent and in African America has been one of respect and reverence (Dove, 2002), Black motherhood within Western society has brought subjugation and even oppression.

A "mother-centered matrix" predominated many precolonial African societies.

His characterization of Ronald Reagan in his most recent book, The Cold War, applies equally to himself: ‘His strength lay in his ability to see beyond complexity to simplicity’.

Rathkeale, once the most important town in the county of Limerick derives its name from the gaelic Rath Caola or Rath Gaela, Caola’s or Gaela’s Fort.

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No delusions, no social constructs, no invalid beliefs, no invalid attitudes, and no invalid social programming. As it relates to the manosphere, and more specifically, various forms of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and dating and relationships advice offered to heterosexual men, you could place all the advice into three general categories: Just about every dating coach, pickup artist, seduction guru, and/or blogger or podcaster will generally fall into one of those categories based on the type of advice they offer to single men and men involved in long-term relationships.

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