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Even envision how you would like to present your results. If you are working for someone else, consider your employer’s purpose and understand how the company, agency, or organization functions.

It seems like everyone wants to use GIS for their projects today.

Finally, in the data capture phase, you digitize hard-copy maps and data directly into your GIS and transform existing digital data into a format your GIS reads. Having a well-defined research question, goal, or even multiple goals is the key to a successful GIS project because it guides the project’s input, analysis, and output stages.

Spend time and thought on the design of your GIS because good planning results in successful projects.

The first part of this round table article provides an overview of distribution channels, particularly their constituents and structure, with a special focus on distribution channels in India.

The second part of the article reports on a panel discussion with eminent academic and industry experts on the challenges that companies in India face in designing, constructing, and managing distribution channels on the ground.

These hold and release energy through reversible reactions in their electrodes.

They are compact, safe and efficient — ideal for electric vehicles.

Sadly, reviews of routers never discuss any of this.Improved lithium-ion batteries have extended the mileage of electric cars from about 150 kilometres in 2012 to more than 500 km today, for Tesla's Model S 100D. The electrochemical processes involved are complicated and poorly understood.Yet lithium-ion batteries remain expensive (US0 per kilowatt-hour). They depend, for example, on the behaviour of the electrode materials (typically involving compounds such as lithium iron phosphate and lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) and the liquid or solid electrolytes that transfer charge.It is both trendy and powerful, but you should ask yourself whether GIS is the appropriate tool. To determine if GIS can help achieve your objectives, think again about the relevant features (land, people, and issues) of your study and whether these can be displayed geographically.Almost all features have geographic locations, but you must further decide if the feature’s “geography” is important.

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