Myspace spam dating friends

While this is a sure sign of an amateur fake profile creator, it happens more often then you’d think. While not everybody would know that, familiar images are an instant tip off that the person friending you is not real.

THERE IS A VERY GOOD REASON FOR THIS, AS YOU WILL SEE, BUT YOU MAY WISH TO AVOID IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED)*** Scroll down to continue reading…Credit for the creation of My Space was taken by a man named Thomas Anderson who is also known to some government agents as Neo. Anderson or Neo except that he probably works for the man.My Space was also founded as the #1 site where no-talent, no-brain dumb broads working at Hollister to actually go out on a limb and believe that in some small tiny manner the fact that they make stupid pointless websites will some day give them a tiny bit of exposure.Myspace's slogan: "Spamming people just got a whole lot easier." Either way, no-one gives a damn fuck.Although it DOES suck if you're not allowed to buy whiskey...nonetheless you SHOULD kill yourself if you're headed down that road in the first place (no one who matters will notice, much less care). They may have left a comment such as "rad page" or "thanks for the ad, you rock".

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