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Well love muffins, you may want to grab yourselves a big cup and have a seat for this one, because this is a LOT of tea. Even as far as sleeping with some of my family members! I got prego with Izela (9) right after Alijah (8) a miscarriage then Hamiley (5) right after Aloni (4). And Now Have Step kids The Same ages as Our children (which is cute … My Babies Are educationally sound, they wake up ever day with a smile on there face! But you think it’s cute to have fathered a baby while we were still together, with a woman who already has three daughters with another NFL man, and had to get a blood test with your baby because she did not know who the father was! You tell everyone what your doing for me and Our babies!!!We here at obtained a copy of an email sent to Gilbert Arenas (and a few others) from Laura Govan’s email account, and in it, Laura puts their entire relationship history on BLAST. It’s REALLY SAD THAT NOW U HAVE SOOOOO MUCH TO SAY!!! Knowing that I won’t speak out to the public about our family matters because I’m much older now and know better! I won’t do it to them for your few seconds like you and your mental lapse! Our family and real freinds know ALL that you put me thru!And now she is going around on various shows to tell everyone that she was molested as a child in addition to the accusations about her sister.

Solely because all you did was mention to me I stayed home and was with the children to much and I needed something to do beside raise them! You decided to move her and be with me and the babies ok fine!Laura claims that Lonnie is siding with Gilbert because the two were once close.Lonnie, like Rob Kardashian did with his sister Khloe, even used to live with Laura in her house.Gilbert and Laura have been at odds for about a year now, but if you think their social media back-and-forth was harsh, wait until you read this. I can go on for days about the emotional, physical, mental abuse! Here’s a few reminders while you run around calling your kids Bums ( which you need your ass whooped for that! I’ll leave out the you putting me and the babies out of house for days, and the thanks giving food you took away from our children and gave it to your team mates just hours before thanks given dinner was to be served and left me to find a meal with YOUR babies! Or on Christmas you turned off the heater when it was 25 degrees outside!It’s equally messy as it is lengthy, so we’ve highlighted several of the juiciest tidbits. You can read the full email (with added spaces for clarity) below. And gave full instruction to our business manger to NOT turn it back on!

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While Knicks coach Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes fight over Barnes' estranged wife Gloria Govan, another NBA legend is crying foul over a "vicious scheme" allegedly concocted by Govan's older sister.

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