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It is one of the rare (I can think of no other) sex games released for the 2600 that was actually made by a real video game company (Namco, to be precise), and, unlike those terrible “Swedish Erotica” games made Mystique,this game is kinda fun and has decent graphics. The title is kinda suggestive and I’m not a racing fan, so I guess Pole Position could mean something else, but I doubt it.

I mean, I assume it has sex in it, but the game is just too hard for me so I’ve never managed to make it to the sex level.

I just imagine it’s like X-Man, where you get a perfectly innocent level (a race in this case, a maze in X-Man), followed by some raunchy pixelated sex game, likely involving a stripper pole. How else do you explain the bizarre print ads they had for this game?

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