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Last month, I became an American citizen, a tremendous honor and no easy accomplishment, even for a Canadian.

“We went out of our minds,” the director of library services said at the time.I passed, and, my fellow Americans, you could, too -- if you don't mind providing answers that you know are wrong.Friends told me I didn't need to study, the questions weren't that hard. I learned things (there are 27 amendments to the Constitution) and they learned things (there are 27 amendments to the Constitution).After all, the ritual of children placing their shed baby teeth under their pillows, in the hopes of finding them replaced with cash in the morning, was already being practiced by millions of young Americans.These kids left notes for the tooth fairy, and believed they shared personal relationships with her that spanned several years (and up to 20 baby teeth).

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This obvious login anomaly didn’t set off any alarms? My locations puts me in three states: California, New York and Pennsylvania. Why is Yahoo making it this easy for spammers to hijack accounts? I still would have had to change my password (which wasn’t bad) but I would have avoided those embarrassing emails.

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