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She then told us very firmly "not to tell her parents" about any of it, because they didn't know.She still lives at home with them and they are very controlling. At first I was in shock, as she had been my sister-in-law. There’s a problem, however: She’s never told her parents about us. She invited me to a few social events when she arrived and soon we became physically intimate.Jane has told us she suffers from around 7 different medical maladies, several of which didn't make sense; she also told us she had a "secret government job" (keep in mind she is just barely an adult).She mentioned multiple different sexual, mental, and physical abuses from multiple people (such as being shot at, beaten with tools, etc), but many parts of her stories didn't add up.Or do they have a point that we've crossed a huge social boundary between brother-in-law and sister-in-law and we must hear them out?Dear Taboo, I’m assuming you’re not a member of the Inuit or Chiricahua people.

But that pain and discomfort is on an entirely different level when your ex moves on — with your sibling.

She has no business being anywhere near this family. I am trying so hard to let it not bother me because my husband and I are totally happy together and I am by no means threatened by her, I just hate her!

However, my husband's brother has now started seeing her!

I felt super odd about the situation, like perhaps what she said might not be the whole truth, or at least a cry for help if it is true.

We talked to my in-laws, who said they were concerned too.

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Shortly after leaving the manwhore, I catch up with the older brother over drinks. They never had a close relationship to begin with, so it didn't cause much trouble, but the man whore started dating a woman recently who has a major issue with the situation.

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