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Black people still make a lot of noise in Belize, but the noise is only loud: it says nothing.

In the 1950s, the British and the Americans discovered oil in Belize, and at that point it became important to them, it appears, to transfer the majority blacks, who were relatively educated and troublesome, out of British Honduras. British Hondurans were allowed to migrate freely to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and New Orleans once they had relatives in the States.

There are only two political parties in Belize that matter.

The PUP was taken over by non-black elements in 1956, and the UDP followed, likewise, in 1983.

The exodus of black Belizeans has not stopped since.

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On the Go Fund Me page “Bring Drew Home,” the former marine’s friend Brandon Barfield wrote that a pal had arrived at Matus’s house on April 26 to take her to the airport, but only found her packed luggage and the couple’s passports.

The pair had been spending the winter in Belize and planned to return to their respective country’s in the near future. Embassy in Belize told her that the couple had duct tape fastened around their wrists.

In fact, most of those Belizeans who got the sense have already left.

Those who remain are those who are too young or too old to leave, or those of us who will fight or just dont give a damn.

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