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The country is routinely listed as a top destination on websites promoting and rating sex tourism.Even those who should be protecting these children (like parents and priests) rarely acknowledge it.“Tut tut, the state of this country.” They hold education and learning in high esteem.Being well-versed in all subjects, I’ve come to realize, is the norm.Kathryn Bolkovac: What happened in Bosnia to the victims of human trafficking in the 1990s and 2000s is quite similar to the Central African Republic scandal: Specifically the abuse of vulnerable populations by organizations who are created and bound to protect, and the continued scandals surrounding the UN botched, covert and now overt, attempts to remove, terminate and discredit those who blow the whistle on their deeds.The terms cover-up and whistleblower are common within the walls of the United Nations and peacekeeping missions.

Here are the 13 things he highlights from his Romanian venture.

Romania’s culture – one where women and girls have virtually no rights – means that the disappearance and trafficking of its daughters is treated with shame.

Young girls are often told simply to stay away from “bad men.” Yet, young girls living in impoverished situations are easily led away from home by a “boyfriend” who showers her with gifts; he could not be the “bad man” she’d been warned about, could he?

Although they may not outwardly express this notion, they show it in their actions.

And for being pessimistic, they are always surprised when bad things do happen.

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