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C4 Broadcaster is an Android app that lets your broadcast live to CAM4 from your mobile device!

You can download C4 Broadcaster to your Android device from the Google Play store. Any Android device running Android version 4.4.2 or higher can install and use C4 Broadcaster.

“For VR-porn, we see strong initial interest and turnover, yet retention rates are mostly in line with what we know from other well-developed apps out there.

This app is now available on Android devices and it allows you to broadcast live on CAM4 from anywhere you’ve got cellular service or wifi!

“Live-VR interactivity creates incredibly engaging personal and erotic experience shared with a remote partner that is as close to a real encounter as it can probably get.

You can even connect interactive sex toys that ultimately translate the immersive virtual experience into a physical feeling.

Simultaneous login between C4Broadacster and C4Chat. Once you’ve got the C4 Chat app, please send your feedback to [email protected] leave a comment.

Any technical issues or bugs can be reported to [email protected]

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