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has become an indelible part of the show’s legacy — a position that’s due to both the enduring popularity of his…By Laura Prudom After unleashing a mysterious new enemy known only as “the Darkness” in “Supernatural’s” season 10 finale, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are set to face one of their biggest…Numerous jokes alluding to the bond between Castiel and Dean have been made on the show. ) breaks the fourth wall and gives an annoyed look to the viewer.

By Laura Prudom With the “Supernatural” season 10 finale rapidly approaching, the Winchesters are racing against the clock to save Dean from the Mark of Cain.

After college, Misha moved to Washington, DC with his partner Victoria Vantoch, a writer, and started an educational software company.

Then, on a lark, Misha decided to take an acting class, and soon found himself in the midst of a career change.

Gibbs, with a mustache, returns to the NCIS to remain indefinitely.

One 911 call from a motorist reports a bloody woman screaming in the rear of an SUV, and another 911 call reports an abandoned SUV; Gibbs and company investigate because the SUV belongs to a Navy lieutenant, who failed to report for work the same morning.

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By Laura Prudom “Supernatural’s” Misha Collins may be moonlighting as the devil on the CW hit, but that hasn’t curtailed his good deeds off-screen; the actor has partnered with co-star Jensen Ackles to launch a…

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