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The British model and actress has revealed that show bosses on ‘One Big Happy’ have told her that things between her and Nick Zamo need to remain strictly professional. “We've been told we're not allowed to because, well... It would just be awkward for everyone, we'd have a spat." But according to Kelly, the ban on any romance helps make their sex scenes look even more realistic. “So when we're kissing, we really go for it because there's a lot of pent-up sexual tension.

"But they'll tell us, 'This is network television, don't do this'." Despite being warned off her not-very-ugly co-star, Kelly admits she’d love to date him.

She added: "In my dreams I'd like to imagine he would date me. But I do think it'd be easier not to." We’d have to agree, especially with the ongoing saga being played out with her ex, David Mc Intosh.

Only last week, the former ‘Gladiator’ labelled Kelly ‘a nasty, bitter woman’ after she insulted David’s current flame Jess Impiazzi and Aisleyne Horgan Wallace.

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The twist is that before Lizzy finds out she's pregnant, Luke meets his British dreamwoman, Prudence, played by Kelly Brook.

The body-covered-in-tattoos thing doesn't really do it for us, but a lot of guys dig it, making the LA Ink star (full name Katherine Von Drachenberg) a frequent object of male affection. Look at the way Nick Zano is pointing at Kristin Cavallari in this photo!

Must be the bad-ass, biker-chick image and attitude. It's as if Nick is telling the celebrity gossip world, "Yeah, I put a BABY in that! The lovely Kristin Cavallari waved to photographers and showed off her "NZ" tattoo at the L. grand opening of the restaurant chain Pink Taco Thursday in Los Angeles.

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