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She debuted in the Disney Channel film The Thirteenth Year at the age of eight. She co-starred with Charlize Theron in the 2012 film Snow White and the Huntsman.She won a Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2014 film Clouds of Sils Maria. But she's the one who spread her nasty Who Ha all over the Internet. Any person that can't look at a pic and video and tell he's dirty/greasy looking and he's not the most attractive guy and no amount of money is going to make him good looking. , Tony's buying the campaign though and it's funny as all get out that he is and it just proves that he smelled the fumes for too long that it caused major damage to his cognitive skills and his ability to be aware of what's taking place around him. Pornelope can try and reinvent herself as cool gear head chick all she wants. , You are right about one thing that it is a forum for who he's dating but it says nothing about what he looks like.Since the beginning of April, gossip rags have been spinning rumors that Kristen Stewart was spotted making face with her longtime friend Alicia Cargile, and that the two are now allegedly dating.Popdust reported they were seen down in Palm Springs for a “wild girls-only” weekend in February, apparently giggling and kissing and drinking a bottle of champagne before heading off to the privacy of their room.

Maybe I could convince my friends to watch other Kristen movies, and not just base their opinions on “the vampire movies by that Mormon author.” Kristen is one of the most misunderstood, babeliest of babes in the entertainment biz, and it was clear from the start of her career that she really just wanted to keep her private life private, and if you think she has bitch face on, it’s because she’s a fierce bad ass — why act like another demure starlet?K-Stew has never been a fan of paparazzi, so, surely, announcing anything right now, alongside her new Chanel campaign and the films she has on tap: , would mean everyone wants a piece of her. Kristen Stewart has often been labeled one of the “most-hated celebrities in Hollywood,” news outlets constantly picking her at slouchy attitude.But, in my book, that’s something that gives her automatic cool points.Became known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga, a role for which she won numerous Teen Choice and People's Choice Awards.Her other films include Zathura, Panic Room, Still Alice, and Adventureland.

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