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Only anonymous donors, at licensed clinics, are exempt from being treated as the legal father of a child born as a result of their sperm donation. Nevertheless, in January 1998, armed with a book called ‘Challenging Conceptions — planning a family by self-insemination’ and an empty pill container, Mandy paid Mark a visit.

Surrounded by the group of 11-year-olds he was meant to be coaching, he was struggling to tell them his name.His name is not on either of their birth certificates and he insists he played no part in their upbringing following his ‘act of kindness’. Meanwhile, the girls’ 49-year-old mother Mandy claims that she and Mark had always intended to co-parent the girls, and raise them as one big, happy — if unconventional — family, and that she only reported Mark to the CSA out of desperation.She argues that Rianna and Shannon once called him ‘Daddy’ and has photographs of Mark cradling the girls, along with video footage of them together at birthday and Christmas parties at their three-bedroom home near Braintree, Essex.'I tried to say "A" but it wouldn't come out,' recalls Adam, now 20.'To my huge embarrassment, all I could manage was "John". But I didn't have a problem saying "J" and it was the best I could manage.

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